Feelin Fall already. Do you ?

On the road again. #norway #vintage #road #summerof2014 (at Sandefjord, Norway)

Livin’ Day Around The Pyramids. #tbt #summer (at The World Of Summer)

#notags (at The Amazing World Of Hobies)

Esu keliautojas, buvęs kiekvienam pasaulio krašte….jei ne kūnu, tai siela. #travelingismylife #thatsit #!23 (at The Amazing World Of Photos)

Almost Eight. Time To Party. #stebuklas #watch (at The Amazing World Of Parties)

That Makes Me Imagine Myself Livin’ A Whole New Life. #norway #fromthebottom (at Oslo, Norway)

Beautiful sight to calmness. #tbt #beach #summer #friends (at The World Of Summer)

Sometimes I dont know how to express myself. I guess, I just leave it for your imagination… #!21 #sunshine #lasttimetoenjoysummer (at Residency Of Summer)

Simple but beautiful, I suppose. #firstfromnikon #rememberingmadness (at The World Of Summer)

Open Letter:
  “Little Bit Inside Myself.” 
    You know one day I was sitting in a bus on my way home from the airport, where I escorted my mom to “utlanded” and I was thinking “Why children must say goodbye to their parents with tears in the eyes”, “Why little ones have to fake their smiles and pretend that it’s okay to live without parents”. Lot of people telling me “You must be happy”, “You must have lot of money” - Because my Mom lives outside my country, I ask them… It’s not good looking inside myself, as it’s sometimes looks outside ;) This is no joke it feels like shit.. believe me.
    As my home become closer and closer I realised only one thing… After a little while I will be in the airport again, the only difference instead of bus will be in the airplane heading to “new home”.  Peace.
                                                                                     - © D.D.

Kol dar ygrikai galvoj skraidė. #Kaunas #classy #ones (at Kaunas, Lithuania.)

Think About This.

Birthday destroyers. #friends #thatsit (at Residency Of Memories)

Finally enjoying new sounds for summer  !!

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